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June 1, 2010

Today’s topic is podcasting. I don’t know a whole lot about it, because I personally don’t listen to them too often. I feel uncomfortable listening to people talk without having anything to look at. I have trouble talking on the phone for similar reasons. I have seen podcasts on some of the sites I regularly visited, so I am not totally in the dark about what they are. I decided to google around see if I could find more information.

I found a site called Podcasting News  which  is set up like a regular news blog, but features news about podcasting and other vaguely related news (such as iPad and iPhone news).  Looking at their side bar, they have separated the podcasting news from the other news and further separated it into news dealing with “Audio Podcasting”, “Corporate Podcasts”, “Educational Podcasts”, “How to Podcast”, “Making Money with Podcasts”, “Mobile Podcasting”, “News Podcasts”, “Podcast Directory Sites”, “Podcast Distribution”, “Podcast Hosting”, “Podcast Quickies”, “Podcasting Events”, “Podcasting Hardware”, “Podcasting Law”, “Podcasting Networks”, “Podcasting Research”, “Podcasting Services”, “Podcasting Software” and (finally) “Podcasting Statistics”… whew!

Podcasting Tools shows you how to podcast, what software you can use for podcasting, the history of podcasting, the uses of podcasting, what podcasting actually IS and a lot more. Some of the site just links to other pages on the web, but it seems very useful and I would probably go there if I wanted to create my own podcast.

Typing “podcast” into google books gave me 1,127 results despite the fact that the term is less than six years old. Most of the book results were manuals on how to podcast, but I also found books like Career Building Through Podcasting.

Searching on Google Scholar gave me many more results, especially about the uses of podcasting for lectures and academics in general. One good example is this article by Peter Ractham and Xuesong Zhang called, “Podcasting in Academia: A New Knowledge Management Paradigm within Academic Settings”.

Not that I ever doubted its uses, but it seems that podcasting can be a very useful tool for the distribution of information. I still prefer video however.

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