Thing 00111001: Video

June 2, 2010

Today’s topic is videos! This is the second biggest thing I use my internet for. I have uploaded my own video to YouTube in the past (for a class project), but I have no idea what I called it or what my username was at the time. I have watched videos from almost all of the video hosting/searching sites listed on the class blog (Blinx, Video Google, Hulu and YouTube) as well as other sites such as SideReel (video searching), Video MySpace (video hosting), MegaVideo (video hosting) and many others. Some of it was perfectly legal original content and some of it… wasn’t.

One great thing about video uploading and sharing is that you can find great original content that will probably never make it to the TV. One of my favorite sites for that is which contains many different weekly-to-monthly “shows”  one of the most popular being “The Nostalgia Critic” who does weekly, snarky reviews of old movies. Another is which has “Red vs. Blue” a long-running comedy series using pre-recorded audio dubbed over video footage from the game series Halo.

On the not-so-legal side, I was able to find a full-length movie for a class on the Chinese video hosting site, Youku (with Chinese subtitles!) . I am sure it is possible to find any episode of any show online somewhere, even if you can only find it on a site hosted by another country.

I have also used the internet to watch Japanese cartoons (anime) that have not been dubbed and licensed in the US. (This time with English subtitles!) Fansubbing communities can be found all around the web and no one seems to care until the material they work with becomes licensed. Even then, it seems like an impossible battle trying to take down all the (now illegal) videos. YouTube is pretty good at taking down illegal content, but with so many video streaming players and upload sites, there is no way to get rid of them all.

I am not sure where I stand on that issue. I could take the side off the companies who are potentially losing viewers because of the internet, but then I would be a hypocrite. With how easy it is to upload and share content over the web, maybe it is about time to start thinking about other ways to make money off of videos that takes in to account that those who wish to, can now find the material for free.

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