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June 9, 2010

Today’s topic is forums. This is another topic that I am pretty familiar with. The time I don’t spend on the internet watching streaming videos and reading web comics, are mostly devoted to reading and occasionally posting on forums. In the past I have been both a moderator and an administrator on several forums. The forums I was once a part of are long dead by now, but they were fun when they were active. I used to participate in many forums dedicated to play-by-post role-playing. If you don’t know what that is, Wikipedia has a great article on it. One of these play-by-post forums I was particularly proud of lasted about two years and I was one of the two gamemasters running the site.

This was back when I still knew html, but we really didn’t need it thanks to the free forum hosting sites ProBoards and InvisionFree. ProBoards was useful, because it was very simple, had many pre-created themes and you could change your display name at will (which is useful when you are role-playing). InvisionFree was a little harder to get started and didn’t have a flexible display name function, but it allowed more customization of your display picture.

Outside of geeky creative writing experiments, I have also been on several fan forums. Almost all web comics I have read have had their very own forum. Moderation can be as harsh as suspending users for typing in all lowercase letters to no moderation at all. I like open forums with very little moderation, but still present to get rid of the adbots and phishing scams.

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