Thing Final: Image Sharing

June 14, 2010

Today we have the last thing for this course. That thing is image sharing. I have used image hosting sites in the past. I have used Photobucket and Flickr which are given in the class blog. I have also used ImageShack and TinyPic which don’t require an account to upload images (though it is easier to find you pictures again with one). I don’t have much to say on this topic, so I guess I will just examine the differences between different image sharing sites.
Photobucket was the first image sharing site I ever used and the one I use most often. You can search for an image by keyword without having an account, but you can’t upload your own images without one. Once you upload an image, you can edit the picture. The site gives you some editing tools such as fix red eye, crop, resize and rotate. You can add effects, text, animations and layers. It is sort of like a mini Photoshop. It also has an EZ Collage button which allows you to create a collage with any of the images uploaded to your account.
Score: 9/10
-Need to create account +Extensive editing +EZ Collage + Group Albums –Doesn’t seem to have “favorites”
Flickr also requires a login, but it is the same as your yahoo account login. I haven’t used Flickr in a long time, so it took me a few tries to remember our family login. Flickr is set up more like a social networking site than Photobucket. It has groups, contacts, sets, galleries, archives and favorites. They also have image editing, but they lose points by just redirecting you to Picknik’s  image editor. The free editing abilities are a lot less extensive than Photobucket’s. You can rotate, crop, fix red eye and sharpen it, but not much else. To get more editing abilities you have to buy an upgrade to Picknik Premium.
Score: 7/10
-Need Yahoo account +Social Networking Abilities +Favorites -Lame borrowed image editor
The last image sharing site I decided to review is Picasa. I haven’t used Picasa myself. The first time I heard of it was when the Google search engine just recently allowed for you to use your own backgrounds from Picasa. This isn’t surprising as Picasa seems to be owned by Google. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out because it required me to download some software and I am currently using the university’s computers. Apparently you download the software and it allows you to upload your images to the internet. Looking at its editing features, it has more abilities that Flickr’s free services, but not as much as Photobucket. Because your album is on your desktop, there are a lot of ways to organize and hide images.
Score: 8/10
-Must download software +Pretty good image editor -Doesn’t seem to have groups + Favorites +Good organization abilities

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