Thing Extra: Improving UMW’s Outreach Through the Internet

June 15, 2010

We had an in-class assignment where we had to think about what make our university stand out and how we can emphasize these distinctive features on the internet. Here are ten things my group came up with. (We had question 2 on the worksheet)

1.)Upload images of the campus to the web

2.)Upload a video tour of the campus

3.)Create podcast sample lectures from our most notable professors

4.)Create an easier portal to the club blogs

5.)Create a forum or comment area where students can freely make comment about the university

6.)Create a blog (or microblog) where new events are updated and shown to the public

7.)Point and click virtual map of the campus

8.)Submit our University webpage to or some other social awareness site or social bookmarking site

9.)Create a virtual UMW in a virtual world like second life

10.)Create a wiki that professors can edit and add pages about any course they are offering or any projects they are working on

-Andrew Henson & Erin Wuepper

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